How to Craft a Top-Quality Locksmith Article

You’ve got a locksmithing business with a slick website, and you’re ready to start populating your site with awesome content that will draw in new customers. Your best option is to seek help from professional content creators who know what it takes to craft a locksmith article that really “pops.” Below are just a few ways you or your locksmith content writer can build top-notch articles that stand out from the crowd.

Build Content Around Lists

One trusty idea that still has merits is using “top-ten”-style lists. But there’s a catch. Try to use non-standard numbers in your list instead of the generic 10, 5, or 3. Those have become so cliche that they often escape readers’ notice. However, unconventional numbered lists (say, 40 or 6 or 14) immediately catch the eye and draw a reader in. Why do lists work so well? There are a few reasons.

  • Lists break up blocks of text into easily readable chunks.
  • Lists are easy to understand.
  • Lists provide a way for readers to catalog the information you give them.

For example, instead of having to comb through several paragraphs of words, readers can skim your list’s headlines to get a feel for what you’re talking about. Lists are quick and easy, and that is the bread and butter of internet writing.

Pick the Right Keywords

Coming up with topics for locksmith blogs or web pages can be difficult even for business owners — and maybe even especially for business owners. As a professional in your industry, you operate on a much deeper level within locksmithing than your average website user. That means the content that resonates with you might not necessarily resonate with your target audience.

Have no fear. The problem is easily remedied by doing some research. Online keyword research tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs compile statistics on the search terms your target audience uses. By checking out these tools, you can get a feel for what your local consumer base wants to know and what kinds of content they are looking for. Once you know that, it’s just a matter of filling that gap and providing those answers!

Do Better Than Your Opponents

Another tried and true method of crafting top-notch locksmith content is to check out the websites of your competitors. Are there specific articles on their websites that garner the most traffic, “likes,” or comments? Try to find patterns in the data. For example, they may get the most engagement from readers with how-to articles; or, maybe their blog posts on important moments in the history of locksmithing are the most popular. Whatever the case may be, find out what works best for them — then, do it better!

You Need Professional Locksmith Writers

There’s a reason that people get degrees in writing. It’s a difficult job that only seems simple until you start to try your hand at it. If you’re a busy locksmith hoping to gain more clients and get even busier, you likely do not have time to work out a compelling content strategy. Instead, get high-quality locksmith content from professional writers. With their help, you can start seeing results immediately!

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